VINEYARD LOCATION: The vineyard is located on a natural terrace on top of Briona’s hills. The vines are exposed to the sun light all day long until the sunset, and benefit from the breeze coming from Monte Rosa. This microclimate, with a big temperature gap between day and night enhance the aromatic profile of the grapes. The soil is layered, with clays on the surface and pebbles and sand underneath.

VARIETY: Nebbiolo 70% and Vespolina 30%, training system: Guyot.

HARVEST: Grapes were handpicked at the end of September, using baskets of 20 kg maximum each to preserve the grapes conditions before the arrival at the cellar. The vintage was characterized by a hot summer with few and short rains which favored the accumulation of sugars in the grapes carrying them to a perfect maturation. The fermentation was conducted by indigenous yeasts and lasted for about 15 days, while the total maceration was over 30 days, the last 15 of which with the submerged fermented cap. In November the same year the wine was racked into 20 hl oak barrel, where he rests for 24 months. At the end of this period, it is taken back into steel to clear during the last winter and deposit the last sediments, this process allows us to avoid filtration. Finally, in August 2018 the wine was bottled


COLOUR: intense ruby red.

AROMA: characteristic, with hints of violet, roses, almond and berries.

TASTE: full-bodied and dry. Tannins are powerful but well combined and Vespolina gives to the blend a nice spicy note.

FOOD PAIRINGS: Very good pairing with braised game and aged cheese. Serving temperature suggested: 20°C.