VINEYARD LOCATION: The vineyard is in Briona, located in an area called “Pianazze”.

VARIETY: Nebbiolo 100%, training system: Guyot.


VINTAGE 2017: The grapes harvested to produce this Rosato are handpicked before the others. It’s a selection of the clusters located on the highest end of the vine brunches. This practice helps as well to give a better ripeness to the rest of the grapes which will still stay on the vine longer, and will be picked later to produce red wine. Compared to 2016, this vintage shows more freshness. The grapes were directly pressed after picking. The alcoholic fermentation was conducted at 18°C. After a natural sedimentation and clarification due to the cold temperatures of winter, the wine is racked. Just before Spring, the wine was bottled.


COLOUR: light pink, with orange shades.

AROMA: full, fruity and balanced.

TASTE: dry, savory and fresh.

  FOOD PAIRINGS: thanks to its freshness it matches well with light dishes, but it is suitable for the whole meal.