The Castaldi family has always been looking for the best techniques to grow their grapes and joined the 2078 regulation (today called Rural Development Program) since it first appeared during the 80s, to fight the vineyards diseases without having a heavy impact on the environment. Several organic farming methods are involved to pursue this objective, for example the use of the mating disruption technique to control the parasites responsible of the spread of certain vineyard diseases, and a soil work which can naturally prevent the weeds infestation.

The chemical herbicides use has been discontinued in order to maintain and protect the biodiversity of the native vegetation and of those insects which are good for the vineyards.

The vineyards are carefully hand managed to always get the best grapes quality, so that the clusters that are brought to the cellar are always healthy and at their best feature. In the cellar, during fermentation, the aim is to value the aromatic profile of the grapes to produce wines that can tell the story of the territory where they come from. The winemaking techniques are optimized in a modern interpretation, but always referring back to the tradition: time is the factor which mainly ticks the rhythm from harvest to bottling.